Sunday, March 22, 2009

The End of A Beginning

Evolution of investment approach into a higher order

It has been some time since I submitted any additions to my own investment blog. I should say my interest in investments and businesses has evolved to a higher order. From being a keen third-party business observer and investment analyst to actually blazing a trail of my own - I am leaving my cushy job as a well-paid aviation engineer, to venture into real estate development in China with my Dad.

The salaried investor is immune to business risks of their investment holdings, whereas, the traiblazing businessman shoulders it all - the risks, the pain, the failures, the profits, the joy of being in control. Moving from a 3rd party investor towards being the businessman, investor all together - that is definitely an evolution of an investment approach to a higher order.

Taking stock

My holdings

Till date, a majority of my savings are held up in big stakes in 3 key companies: Adampak (largest), ASL Marine and Apex Pal. All of which are purchased in recent months at rock-bottom prices and all of which I know are in safe good hands of a keen management holding majority stakes. I will continue monitoring the performance of these few companies. In particular mention, Adampak, if it can indeed live up to its expectations as a crown jewel in the waiting.

Development of a sound investment philosophy

This blog has served me well. It has provided me a good forum to articulate in crystal clarity my own investment methodology and the how-to, from the mental model to the initial stock selection to an eventual decision to lock in. And it should serve others well too. I think that what is articulated here is self-sufficient, like a little Swiss Army Knife, for anyone to jumpstart on the ins and outs of investment. For the accidental surfer who knows nothing about investment but keen to know more, read the articles, and the samples on Adampak, which provides a good model of how in-depth an analysis should go - beyond numbers and reports.

Looking forward

Looking forward, it is not likely that I will have regular postings to this blog. But do not be mistaken, this is just the end of a new beginning. When inspiration and new insights are gained in terms of business or investment philosophy, I will have fresh postings. Wish me well, and thanks to my blog readers.